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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's new?

dear blog,

i have something-

It's Me Today(IMT): yes?

*startled* excuse me? did you just respond to me?

IMT: uh....yeah? is not right. this isn't right!

IMT: what do you mean? you always say 'dear' to me since i was born and now, i'm responding.

please, stop that. you're freaking me out.


okay, just ignore those conversations because i'm going to share with you guys about what's new since my so-call hiatus. hehe....let's sort it into questions. that'll be easier.

1.  October 5, 2011
- my last paper to end my third semester. it's an over-whelmed situation because sometimes i felt happy and sometimes i wasn't. i was happy because right after that paper ended, i got back to my hostel to pack and waited for my parents. it was my first day to enjoy my semester's break. :)

2. Internet
- hoho! 24/7! not that fake k-pop-wannabe Malaysian boy group. 24 hours in front of my lappy and i am definitely in love with youtube back like i was before.

3. New boyfriend-wannabe
- hehe...since i'm home, i always surf the net to explore more about k-pop. and i'm beginning to gather new crushes. :D here they are!

Zico, Zico, Zico...that's the only way i can describe him. he's so diligent, genious in producing songs, hyperactive and dorky. he doesn't care what netizens think about his image when he's overactive-ing because that is him. he's a leader of a rookie group, Block B. so damn gorgeous! i want him to be my friend!

 okay, this is an oppa. at first, i was so into Junsu. but this year, when 2PM did their comeback with Hands Up and I'm Your Man, pergghhhh, Chansung caught my eyes. it seems like he's seducing me with his flawless, milky white skin, sharp nose, cute personality, a very gentleman one and besides, his deep voice swags me! :D

alright, Jeongmin, don't flirt me with that charming eyes. hehe...silly me. okay, this cutey boy is from a rookie group named Boyfriend. when i watched their debut song, i was attracted to Minwoo. and then Hyunseung. but now, with their new comeback, Do Not Touch My Girl, Jeongmin managed to distract me with his charisma and etc that worth this handsome boy. besides, he's two years younger than me and that makes me a noona to him.

4. Video editing
- i'm back with my hobby....editing the videos. i like to imagine things and perhaps, to make it into reality. i love to translate k-pop songs into Malay version and i will edit the video. it's kind of a new hobby since last semester. sometimes, i can finish translating a song in just 3 minutes. it's not that easy. i can't just literally translate the meaning. i have to understand the lyrics.

5. blogging
- my cyber pal. a place where i confess everything i feel like. it doesn't bark. it listens.

okay, that's all for now. i have no idea to write. enjoy. :P sweet dream....

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