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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The end of 3rd semester's nightmare.....

dear blog,

 [click to enlarge and read what the dialogues say....]

i may be the countless blogger to update an entry about result.

but i won't mind. hehe....

two days before today, i had fever. my throat hurt and my body was hot. in fact, i hadn't been out of the house for like....everyday sort of and i didn't know why, fever came to me.

yesterday, well done to my little bro. he got first place in his class for final year's exam. and 5 minutes before 12 midnight, logged out from facebook and cheered myself by watching Block B's variety show on youtube. after laughing for 15 minutes, i tried to look at my email. no news about the result. and my body was f**king hot, so i decided to sleep.

after subuh, i checked my email. scrolled it pointer decreased for 0.05 points from last semester's result. but i'm still happy with it. still DL.

and i wanna make this entry special with mentioning the people who helped a lot.

Babah & Mama- i caused so much trouble without realizing it during semester 3. but you guys did what parents do for the best for their child and my result is for you guys. :)

Cicak & Wani- thank you so much guys for helping with my last minute project.
Yus & Amalina- thanks so much for lending me your hand while i was sick
classmates- thank you, thank you, thank you so much! even though you guys helped me when i didn't notice, i appreciate it.

lecturers- you guys did the best....:)

seriously, semester 3 gave all of us nightmares and there're so many bad things happened to our class. plus, it's very private. told ya, with 10 hardcore subjects, you're dead. O.O

anyways, this semester's result taught me a lot by looking each aspect and now i realized so many things. thank you Allah.

just now, i got an idea to make my own signature for any picture that i claim to be mine. it's nothing special, really. goes.

simple, right? nah....

there....i' told my boyfriend Hyunseung and he gave me lovely reaction. but as i told my hip-hop buddy, Zico, he freaked out. O.O


  1. hahaha..klaka la dialog 2..congrats once again..XDD

  2. to niem: tq. congrats to u too. :)

  3. feeyra, hehe...tima kasih~ :D well done utk ko jue,....n tima kasih byk2 sbb ko dh byk tlg aku last sem....:D

  4. thank you for mention me in your also gave me a big help in class.thank you very much..:)

    keep up with your hardwork!!!