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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November, hello my boyfriend

dear blog,

it's already 1/11/11.....a beautiful date that happens only ONCE in your lifetime... people out there must be having their outing esp for couples...for new couples perhaps?

last Saturday and Sunday, my big sis bought my family and i some stuffs and food. it's her treat. i bought new sandals. it's a boy's sandals but i just loved it. :) then, we ate Takoyaki, homemade chicken chop and homemade pasta...everything worth it when those food were made by ourselves.

recently, i am obsessed with B1A4's single entitled "Learn Only Bad Things"'s a must listen song and the rhythm is very pleasant to be heard. i love the vocals, the humble choreography and the music video. at first, i don't even like B1A4....but i tend to listen to them because of boredom and the song i mentioned before is terrific.

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