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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quick post about choices

dear blog,

since hari raya haji, i was so lazy to update my blog. probably because of the meat....hehe....:) okay, since this is a quick post, i should just go to the main point.

majority of 3rd semester's student of uitm around malaysia received messages about fast track. which is, you're going to skip part 4 and 5 and go straight to part 2 degree.

actually, this thing, i'm not that excited nor rejecting it. i'm 50-50 right now. if i take fast track, i'll not be getting my diploma certificate and still needs to fight to graduate as a degree person. for my course, it's a bit hard to actually be confident with to skip those diplomas.

yesterday, i went to uitm shah alam and asked anything about fast track. and at first my dad told me to continue diploma. at home, he called the timbalan dekan. and finally, he told me to take fast track because it's one year difference. but when i think about it later on, i can't give the precise answer yet.

this thing requires skills and knowledge to go through. and my dad has faith in me. it's just me that can't make up my mind.

then this morning, i called my mentor. he said, he didn't prefer for me to do the fast track. he said, the things that they will be teaching are more into researching and theory. for technical, not too much. plus, if that one person is a pro, he or she can handle this fast track thing.

then, he told me that i can make it for sure by observing my pointers since i started as a freshman. but still, my mind won't go for one answer. it still makes me thinking.

after i thought about it, i can finally conclude that, if i take diploma, i can learn how to draw human figure. i can learn how to make sculpture made of steel or metal. plus, i can go for a trip. i can still have my friends.

but my suppose-to-be roommate is going to take fast track and i'll be missing a pal that i can truly rely on the whole time. basically, without her, i don't feel the happiness in dorm life or academic life. but, it's her decision. i can't stop her and i can't even just rely on her. i have to be independent.

the same goes to the reality if i take fast track. i can minus one year and decrease the budget of study. besides, i can have new friends but more mature one....but that's all i can think of....

i'm still thinking about it. i had done solat istigharah twice yesterday and nothing came to me. but i may try tonight. :) wish me luck.

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