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Saturday, December 3, 2011


dear blog,

i felt okay for this week....

on last Friday, i went for a meeting with other fine art students from 01-degree....i didn't expect for me to be picked as female icon...and....PRESIDENT?!!!!!

people voted for me....most of them. i didn't ask for anything like that and i was not popular. seriously. and i was still puzzled due to the reason why they picked me. it's a big thing to handle for this semester.

in another two weeks, i will have to handle an induction for 02 and 03 fine art students. wow! i like that! :D hope i can do well....and i'm thinking of designing a jacket specialized for fine art students since they don't have any for years.

okay, btw, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, i'm going for a trip to Melaka with other 04 students. yay! can't wait~!!!!!! is my blog's second birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, IT'S ME TODAY!!!! :D

that's all for now. thanks guys for those who voted me. perhaps you guys have trust in me and i'm glad to know it. support me, okay? bye!

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