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Thursday, December 29, 2011

What is up?

dear blog,

actually i had been home since last Friday. but there's no internet line at my granny's home and i got to my real home on Monday, it's possible for me to update my blog. why? because right after that day, i had bad fever. and despite that it's already late, i tended to make my assignments as much as i could.

and now i can finally update this blog.

in another two days, 2012 is coming. and i'm gonna be 'sweet' 20 year- old young adult. i just can't believe it. plus, i don't know why, while writing this post, i'm craving for popcorn. ???????????????

anyway, i'm having bad cough now and it's a pain in the ass to know that there are three more durians in the kitchen, staring at me. no can do. i cough. and my throat sores.

my assignments do not go well. except for the work that requires laptop as the medium. so that i can surf the net. soon i'll be back to my campus and there's no internet line in my room. i have to walk to the library to do some research or even update my account and blogs.

okay, i'm tired. no popcorn. i'm coughing in front of my laptop screen. and the television is still on. my other siblings are sleeping soundly behind my back.

okay, for tomorrow's entry, imma write about my 2012 wishlists....hehe.

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