Shout out/Memo


Friday, January 13, 2012


dear blog,

i'm so worried about myself. my artworks don't have the usual quality like before. i'm becoming down. totally down. people around me are

i thought this new semester will bring me success but instead, it brought disaster to me. it's not that i didn't try. i did. but it's like i stood alone. with so much strength and above my will until it made me feel so tired.

Ya Allah, help me please!


  1. ko slalu lah mngadu kat ALLAH..INSYA-ALLAH dye akn mmbntu ko..ak pn sntiasa de tuk ko..walaupun jasad ak xde kat sne..hahaha..trjiwang lak ayat ak..papehal nak ckp kat ak..msg je..INSYA-ALLAH ak akn bntu ko..jgn down ok..XDD