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Saturday, February 4, 2012


dear blog,

last week, i mean 30th jan to 3rd feb, i was crashed by tons of bad things happened to me.

i cried so many times and needless to say, i called my dad which i tend not to. but when things got even worst, my family was the place for me to say what was in my heart all this time.

there's this one assignment that was damn tough to do. printmaking, silk screen, second project. a task that i had to use photo emulsion, silk, blocks, colour and etc to print images in monochrome colour. i had started this task since early last week with my pals.

during the photo emulsion coating process, my pals and i had to do four times. at fifth time, finally, we made it. then, we came to the printing process. manually. printmaking was all about printing manually.

when it came to printing process, my pals did it well. their printing turned out well with less error. me? i did it so many times but keep on failing. i wasted so many papers and had to go out and buy more. i had fixed my colour according to my pals but still, no good result.

the deadline was getting near and there was no images printed by me. even though i had brought those equipments to my dorm and did it until past midnight.

i still had to attend classes, feeling so scared and guilty to skip them. and my work didn't go well.

my pals had finished their work. plus, my classmates who started late, like two days before the dateline, could finish the work. i kept on trying and trying. man, my back hurt. i didn't eat well.

my blocks kept on giving me pain when i mistakenly exposed. i had to expose again and again and my photo emulsion already finished. damn it! that's the most important material since there'll be another project.

by the way, when that thing happened, the next day was the deadline. on thursday, and i had to attend two classes in the morning till afternoon and in the evening, was the class i had to submit this assignment. i called my lecturer and told her my errors.

she understood...perhaps...and ordered me to submit on friday.

during that class, i went to wash back my blocks, exposed them with perfect images. my pals had all submitted their work in peace while i kept going back and forth from the dark room to the washing area.

when everyone left, i faced my lecturer. she asked me why....and i told her everything that made my assignments a disaster. she concluded that i was weak in that subject. i was startled at first when she said that because before this, i did okay. it was just that, this time, the technical part kept on happening even though i already fixed it.

that night, i did my work in my room. non-stop. i had to borrow two blocks from my classmate and you know what? the blocks produced my images very well. now i knew where was the error. perhaps.

Alhamdulillah, i finished them all. the next day, after class, in noon, i went back to the studio to wash back the blocks and organize my folio. it didn't turn out so amazing like a best student would do but my work was okay to me despite that things didn't go well.

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