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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


dear blog,

the last 4 days of holidays, as usual, i didn't go home.

and i spent three days of no-work....damn it....actually, i had so many assignments waiting for me to touch them and books to be revised since next Tuesday, there'll be a history test.

i did bad for the first time for history assignment and i must do my best for the test to cover my previous carry mark. but what am i doing now? i did nothing to prepare for the test! there are 5 days left before the test.

besides, my body and my mind didn't go along very well and the result was, i played with myself for three days of NO WORK!!!!!! damn it!!!! i always checked on my to-do list and for the time being, 4 things were scratched out of 10. 5 more to go....

and there'll be no more short holidays....there'll only be the usual Saturday and Sunday. besides, this weekend, i have to attend LDK....the date was brought earlier.

and i have to handle a dinner for my department since i'm the mrs. president.....haish....


my head was spinning because of the sound of the renovation being made around my dorm. huh!

i hope and i can catch up with all those works again before the deadline....and i hope i can do my best to prepare for the test...Ya Allah, help me!!!!

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