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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is here

dear blog,

hiatus...huh...sorry about that.

well, i wanna make this as a quick post. i'm gonna summarize it.

okay, i got back to my hometown in Shah Alam from Perak safely by bus. it had been my second time going to home for semester break by riding a bus. :) since i didn't have a laptop, all i did was eating, sleeping, watching tv, eating, sleeping and etc....what a boring life.

but thank you to Allah SWT for giving my parents 'rezeki' and so they bought my sisters and i a new cell phone for each one of us. it's a smartphone of Samsung Galaxy 5. an old model but still new to us because we cared about the features, not the names.

it was so entertaining to have a smartphone in your hands for the FIRST time. i could surf the internet, download videos and games and etc. so worth it!

next, i went back to Perak on 13th of April to join a programme called OPKIM. it's volunteering yourself to help the villagers to brighten up the areas. my pals and i represented the fine art department to make wall paint at a kindergarten. besides, each one of us lived with adopted parents for three days and two nights.

on 26th of April, i celebrated my 20th birthday with my family at home. i asked for 'gearbox' soup which is my favourite food. 

on 27th of April, i received my fourth semester's result via email and Alhamdulillah, i got dean's list again. for the the fourth time. :D

just now, i got back from UITM Shah Alam to play 'gamelan' for a convocation at DATC, the newest hall. my pals and i started from zero to a complete 'gamelan' players. we were trained for 10 days and performed live for 7 days. it was so tiring but everything worth it because it's a priceless experience ever!

and yesterday, a freaking awesome gift from my dad, he bought me a laptop! :D Lenovo....since there are only 2 weeks and a half days left, he tend to buy me a laptop to do my work. yay! at last! a new laptop with Windows 7! and i can use photoshop and illustrator for editing. one of my hobbies!

and to celebrate it, i had upgraded my blog for a new look.

thank you babah and mama....thank you my big sis....and thank you Allah SWT....


  1. kak! congrates, you get them both! samsung galaxy and lappy. so lucky of you akak :D hehe. nywy, good luck study :) pray for me ye akak :') 3june nak masuk sambung belajar dah. huhu

    1. oh ye ke? bagus2! kt mne? anyway, tq. :)