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Saturday, June 9, 2012

So Much For Goodbye

dear blog,

current song i'm listening while typing this entry is Seret's So Much For Goodbye....

tomorrow is the first day for me to start my new and last semester. finally, i'm a part 5 student after a year and a half of struggling...this semester will decide everything. a very important job.

i'm afraid of falling again....i'd been falling twice. i'm not the usual Aimonaz like i used to be long time ago. i miss that girl. i hope i can be that girl again and bring back the victorious of the title Aimonaz....

my family had served me so many good food during my stay and i think i'm gaining weight. haha...gonna miss those one in a million homemade food. :)

Goodbye Shah Alam...

p/s: happy 19th birthday to my ex-boyfriend, Shim Hyunseung. :) Noona misses you. go for the best for your comeback!

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