Shout out/Memo


Saturday, July 14, 2012

That person

a person IS leaving....
a person whom used to be good....very good
a person that shared the laughter, the pain, and everything nice....
a person with intellectual thought....

i took away that person's bond from the usual gang....
not literally took away....but in humble

and now
that person wants to go its way...
leaving behind the memory it has made with 'another person' it trusts

that 'another person' was left with nothing...
yet, it keeps on persuading the person to stay like they used to

words are not enough
actions could not be done

that 'another person' can only watch from behind...
feeling so sad
and only Allah SWT knows what is going on in its mind and heart

p/s: one-shot poem


  1. don't be sad~
    Allah will give you the better one from before
    always be happy~!!!XDD

  2. you sad today but you will be happy tomorrow,even after that
    just enjoy your life the way you want,the way you always do