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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kpop Imagination

dear blog,

i'm a fanatic fan of kpop during these days. i know kpop since 2005 and not so serious about it at first but lately, hallyu is getting on my nerve because of the cute, cheek-pinching, hug-able kpop idols are emerging more and more. and i always want more than just a fan so here's my list of the kpop idols that i dream of to have any relationship with me.

As a friend/buddy

1. Zico from Block B
- the reason why he makes it to the top list is because i like his swag-style. he's a great composer and even begins to write his own song when he's a middle school kid. he raps so good and a virtuous kind of guy. he is unique, bizarre and has his own world. besides, he's a leader of his group and a very responsible one. he likes to fool around and even make silly jokes. i always match up my personality with his because it's as if i am him. what i can describe him? hehe..."Just let it out!"

2. Sungjong from Infinite
- a sweet, bubbly kind of guy. and that what makes me like him as a friend. as you guys know, i mean, i'm referring to the kpoppers, that sungjong is a bit girly, right? but to me, he's going to be your best friend when you get to know him more. how i wish i could. he's quiet, calm, cheerful and understanding. he's a friend that you can ask to hang out together and chill out like a group of girls anytime and anywhere. he cares for other people too.

3. Taemin from Shinee
- he looks so kiddy and i really want him as a friend. he's innocent and weird but that makes me want to get to know him more. he's sometimes cool but in fact, he's so sweet.

As older/younger brother

1. Chanyeol from Exo-K
- a cute, cute, cute boy! "kiut-miut sangat!" is a sentence in Malay that i can refer to this boy. i want him as my older brother! like, a year apart or two? i already have a birth older brother who is two years apart from me but he's a cold-heart one and he's not a sweet brother. so when i see chanyeol, how i wish he's my older brother. his bubbly, sweet, cute and likes-to-fool-around kind of personality makes me like him so much. i imagine that he likes to make jokes, fooling around, care for me and etc. good job, chanyeol!

2. Zelo from B.A.P
- Zelo is capable to be my younger brother. since i don't have any sibling after me between the year 1993-1997, how i wish i want a younger brother between those years. and zelo was born in 1996, it fits really well in my siblings arrangement. by the way, zelo has a happy-go-lucky personality. suitable to be my younger brother. :)

As a couple/boyfriend (husband? not yet...haha)

1. Youngjae from B.A.P
- actually, when i first discovered B.A.P, i already kept my eyes on youngjae. but later on, bang yongguk caught mine and i immediately forgot about youngjae. anyways, lately, when fans keep on posting cool and heart-melting photos of him on the internet, i begin to like him back and i watch every single video of him. and felt in love with him. he's a good singer and smart. he has fair skin and baby-faced beauty. his own attitudes and personalities are already enough for him to be my boyfriend. plus, he's two years younger than me. and that makes me a noona! hoho! congratulations, youngjae-ssi! :D

2. Kai from Exo-K
- this is my first time to like a person that is so popular amongst his group members. unlike the other idols that i pick to be my boyfriend whom are mostly underrated, this one guy really caught my eyes. his dancing wows me from every aspect. his rich guy, cold, serious, easily annoyed kind of attitudes somehow drag me to love him more. he can be serious all the time but the truth is, he's a shy person. he can't really express his feelings. a bad guy. i like that.

3. Bang Yongguk from B.A.P
- during B.A.P discovery section by me, yongguk comes next after youngjae. his shy, cold, and quiet personalities attract me. he doesn't like to play in front of the camera because he doesn't know how. he makes good songs and well composed. but, when many people are talking about him liking song ji eun from secret, i put him at third place. haha...if not, he should be at the first place. :P

4. Gunwoo from Myname
- he's smart, cool and calm. he's older by 4 years and it makes him look so matured and he is.

so, that's my list. it may change time by time in the future but i hope not. haha...bye.

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