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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


dear blog,

it's been a while since we're apart. are you still there for me?

It's Me Today (IMT) nods.

okay, thank you. haha....

hi. there, guys! for this post, i'm going to list out each scene and experience that i have gone through for my final semester.

1. for the first time, i studied in a class filled with different and new classmates
 since for final semester, we got to choose our own major and minor and if that so, the class that we're in before, will be altered. and so i got for about 9 new classmates. there are 20 in a class so the rest is my old classmates. i had known those 9 before since part 1 but never got the chance to know or even talk to them. and finally, we're destined into a group. (cewah!)

it's a pleasure experience being with them. it was was better with them. they're more open-minded, they helped each other. and during Diploma Show, one of them told me, "why hadn't all of us in this new group are together since part 1?"

i was touched. really. before this, i had so many troubles and misunderstanding with old classmates until this one time, we decided to separate. like a stained glass. and i would never expect that my final semester group was way better. thank you, guys.

2. being free from being the attention
Alhamdulillah, i got dean's list since part 1 and from that on, i was the attention of other students until during part 4, they picked me to be the president of our department. it was hard. trust me. and there were so many bad things happened to me through the semester. but thankfully, during my final sem, i was a normal girl. more to like a no-one girl.

people stopped to give me attention and hope and moved to other students. it was fun. i finally could save my credit. haha....

3. friends
actually, i was so tired talking about this or just thinking about it. i had two posts about this before. okay, i never thought this final semester taught me about who's friend and who's enemy. and the closest friend was the actual enemy while the new friend was the true friend. my heart was torn out like papers when this thing happened to me. i felt like crying in the studio, seeing that friend being a stranger towards me. i apologized to her, but she kept quiet. i cared for her, but she cared nothing.

and i heard from this source about her not wanting to befriend with me forever and ever. i pray to Allah SWT every single day and during every single solah. i don't know what's going to happen in the future.

4. the thing that i think it is, is actually the other way around
i started to draw since i do not know how to read or write. and so i thought, studying in fine art is the path that i should be in. but during final semester, i wasn't me anymore. my skills seemed to decrease and honestly, i was bad in colouring. i'm not a colour blind. but i am when it comes to transferring the colour from a picture onto the canvas or any other type of surfaces. i studied by myself to mix the colour but still, i wasn't the best. other students are increasing. me? i was left behind.

and by observing the situation, i finally knew my true talent. i'm not into this fine art thing. i'm more into drawing cartoons, illustration, videos and writing. i hope i can make those things into reality.

okay, that's all for now. more posts coming soon. :)

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