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Monday, December 31, 2012

Calamity of 2012

dear blog,

for this entry, i wanna share with you guys about what has happened to me in 2012 and what the year itself teaches me.

1. friends
- in 2012, there were so many people out there who befriends with me but not for a long-lasting relationship.  when they were on top, some of them tend to leave me behind. i wanted to learn from them, but what the heck, not all of them willing to share their knowledge. and i learned that, not everyone wanna be my friend. and i have to acknowledge that.

- but anyways, in the mean time, i also gained new friends. people from nowhere but they're more honest and sincere to be my friends. even though when we're in a group and i'm not the stand out one, they still notice me.

2. attitude
- in 2012, finally i knew, people around me didn't like my loud attitude. when i'm excited, i will be a bit hyperactive. that means i'm in the good mood. but some people are uncomfortable with it. and they keep it for such a long time and tell me about it. and i was like..."oh, really? i'm sorry. i'm too excited. that's all." but hey, come on, guys. different people have different personalities and each one of them has its own way to express how they feel, right?

3. being in a group
- i've been in countless kinds of groups. there is a group that treats everyone equally. there is a group that treats you in certain circumstances. and...there is also a group that accepts you at first but throws you away later. i've been in these three groups. and i must say, you will need to stand alone to live. you have to bring yourself on your own without tagging along at others so that you can live in these three groups.

- i finally realized it in 2012. and now it seems like i like to be alone. i already got used to it. it's easier. seriously. you'll know it sooner or later.

4. procrastination
- this thing happens to all students.including me. and it's not a good thing if you can't handle it. if you procrastinate your work, other things won't go the way you wanted or planned.

5. leader
- in 2012, i acknowledged that being a leader is not an easy job. you'll need to be a great person. and when i was one, i thought i could handle it, but it's harder than it seems. next time, i have to prepare 100% to lead people.

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these are the things that i could think of. if there are more, i'll post it. :)

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