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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Craving for them

dear blog,

currently i'm listening to a new song by Geeks ft Soyou from Sistar, entitled "Officially Missing You". such a nice song. so soft to be heard. whenever i listen to this song, a scenery at a garden or country house will pop up in my mind. by the way, another reason is, Zico is also featured in the music video. haha.

okay, i'm back.

a month had already passed and i was on hiatus because i joined gamelan for a convocation at UiTM Shah Alam. this time, it's my second involvement. i was so tired. right now, it's been nearly two days i officially resting in my house.

tomorrow, i will be spending the day with my family at Sungai Tekala. can't wait for it! it's been a while since my last vacation.

for the time being, i'm saving money to buy a hard disk, a drawing tablet and headphones.

the reason why i wanna buy a hard disk is because my laptop's local disks are both full. and my laptop is now starting to lag. i feel pity for him. plus, my little bro plays counterstrike using my laptop for hours and i'm worried it will harm the laptop. that's why i wanna buy a hard disk to save it.

the reason why i wanna buy a drawing tablet is because my intention in trying to make digital arts is high. i can easily get jealous with other people's work that use drawing tablets. urrggghhh!!!!!!!!! besides, having a drawing tablet is my 2012 wish list. but right now, i can't seem to see any sign that i'm getting one. needless to say, perhaps early year of 2013, i can finally get it. i think.

for headphones, it's been months i listen to music using earphones. i don't like it much. such a waste when my little bro broke my headphones. damn it. so i have to wait when i have money to buy a new set.

i hope with my part-time job now, i can buy those things. really, really need them.

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