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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


dear blog,

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last Saturday, 15/12/12, i went to Muar, Johor to attend a wedding of one of my gamelan's member. her name is Nurul Izza. people called her Kak Ija or Kak Izza or even Kekja. i went there by bus along with my big sis and her husband.

i had been in Johor once when i was a kid but too bad, i couldn't remember well. and so i took the chance to tag along with my big sis to join the ceremony. finally, i was in Johor for the second time. i think. haha.

such a nice place and ....weird. the taxi there is called kereta sewa. and there're many chinese. and there's this one place where there's not much vehicles or people riding around. so....quiet?

anyways, last week, i acknowledged about the result of interview for degree intake. unfortunately, at first, i failed.

and i was not satisfied. there's got to be something wrong there so yesterday, my big sis and i went to UiTM Shah Alam to settle with this thing. and Alhamdulillah, i got listed for the interview. but it was heartbreaking to know that the reason behind the failing was because i didn't have MUET yet and the application form didn't have my CGPA result. and i did not see any part during filling it that said about CGPA.


then, i went around to settle with other documents needed. if you guys wanna know what kind of course i take for degree, right?'s Education in Visual Arts....teacher? i never expect that i will take this course and never ever think of being a teacher. at all.

but after hearing the logic that my dad told me about the difficulties in getting jobs after graduation, i choose education. it promises me to have a job in the future. at first, i was neglected. but after several thoughts over and over again, i would have to be positive.

i will have a job as a teacher or a lecturer soon and perhaps i can still make my hobbies. i can still write novels, do illustrations or make comics.

that's all for now. something is buzzing around my mind making me feel sick and annoyed and uncomfortable....urrggghhh...bye. :)


  1. Hey's Nina Yusrina here :D
    I'm also confused when I think about my future, but somehow my mom told me to be a teacher and at first I thought I'm going to end up as a teacher forever and I was like,"REALLY???" I never thought of being a teacher either, I told my teachers bout this problem and they said my mom made the right choice. And guess what?? I searched informations about teachers and found out that teachers are a one of the branches of ARTS!! Wow..I never expected that, I was happy again.

    1. nina! haha...i never expect u'll be commenting here. i appreciate that. :D

      yup, i'm still confuse now. wait till i pursue my degree then i can see my future...haha...thnks for ur comment. :)

  2. Hi Aimonaz..
    You go to Muar? It is near with my home!!huhuhu..
    Anyway..did the result for degree intake already come out?
    or it just for anyone who applied different course?
    i'm confuse here...

    1. really? haha. i didn't know that. silly me. :)

      the result is for those who applied the course that needed the application, there's a symbol telling that the course has interview...