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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Motivator Part 1

dear blog,

hey, guys.

today is the most special day with the most memorable date ever....12/12/12

it's the last repetitive date to ever happen again. most people on earth now is celebrating with their own ways especially getting married on that day. me? i just sit in front of my laptop, doing nothing. i just let the date passed just like that. what can i do? haha...

okay, as to make this date a special one using my own way, i'll write an entry.

let me brief first.

dreaming to be like other people that we admired is a very common thing. i guess. haha. sometimes in life, our lives, we feel like we're useless. we're tired and fed up to live our lives. and we need a motivator to motivate us to stand up back and fight for our dreams. but however, we couldn't find the right motivator. if we do, not all of them are the best, right?

i have been feeling that way for such a long time. in every fields. in every aspects. and i think, if i keep on being like this, i will have no where to go in the future.

so, during the confusion, i make my own motivator.

i create the other me. in my mind.

i create two persons. different persons but with the same goal.

let me introduce the first me.

the first me is a singer. a k-pop singer. 178cm tall. short hair. she's a very hardworking person. she can play different music instruments and most of them, she learns by herself. besides, she is a smart girl. she gets high score for her studies. she also can draw. most of her time, she spends it with drawing.

even though she's a busy person, she will spend an hour or less in a day to sketch, read or write.  she can cook and a very neat person. she arranges everything in her room.

during every single time, she will write songs and practice singing. she always go to the studio and plays piano or any kind of instruments while singing to any songs. she brings her sketchbook whenever she goes. so, during any music shows, while waiting for her group's turn, she will sketch anything. it's hard to see her playing around.

it's like....she fills her 24 hours a day with useful things and she doesn't even waste it even for a second.

by the way, she can also speak other languages for about ten. she studies them by herself.

she's not the prettiest in her group but because of her personalities and guts in every aspects in the group not just in singing, but in real life, that what makes her the most charming person in that group.

she's not the person with skinny figure like other female k-pop idols but because she's confident with her body, other male celebrities and idols pick her as the best body.

plus, she's not a girly type of person. she's a bit tomboyish. she's very honest with herself and the way she talks or connect with people are very interesting. sometimes she's harsh but people around accepts her the way she is.

conclusion: the first me is very discipline with herself. she becomes a very successful girl in her own way. she makes use of every second in her life with things that she learns. and she loves to learn new things. she's a curious girl. she's a hardworking girl. she's everything.

so, when i feel so down, i will look up to her and think about it over and over again until i gain my guts back and continue with my assignments. this thing works on me several times. and i'm happy with that. :)

i'll introduce my second me in the next post. hope you guys enjoy. ;)


  1. create the other you in your mind?interesting just like create your dream

    1. that's right! haha...i love day dreaming. :)