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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Motivator : Part 2

dear blog,

finally, after a long break between the part one, the second part is here.

just like my first imaginary motivator, this one is different but with the same function.

this one is the other me too.

she is short with darker skin. she went for an audition under SM Entertainment (one of Korea's top entertainment agency). she couldn't sing nor dance. the judges wanted to kick her out but she begged to let her in because she's an orphan and did not have money to live. all she could think is be an artist so that she can gain money.

SM took her in after all because of her sad life. at first, she was cast in a co-ed group with four boys and only her as a girl. that group is for a promotion only and will be disbanded sooner or later. anyways, the group gained unexpected attention since their first promotion song. later, SM produced more songs for the group until now.

after more songs are produced, my 2nd other me's vocal is improving and her dance also seems greater. for the group's 2012 comeback, they won. netizens also agree about her improved vocal. and she is featured into many songs produced by other artists and most of them won the music charts.

right now, she has her own solo song and makes her debut. she does so well that makes her group's members cry. SM finally agrees with her capability to be an artist from zero to hero.

conclusion: i made up this other me to remind about how a lame person with no talent but insist on having one, can be a successful person in the future. she tries so hard and work for it everyday. in the end, she beats other people who already been born with talent. imaginary motivators. this thing always guts me up whenever i'm down or lose hope. thank u.

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