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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Random 2

dear blog,

currently listening to Block B's "Nilili Mambo".

okay, let me tell you guys things that happened since last Saturday.

i went for the interview. and not as good as i think i would do. i was confident for the drawing test but not to gutsy over the face-to-face interview. honestly, i didn't know why i make it harder. i was not fully ready for the questions. and i had to speak in English. for speaking, i rarely practiced it so i barely speak in fluent.

three interviewers were in front of me. and i was the first person to be called in. i wasn't expecting it. and i was shocked i was not confident for it and as a result, i felt so guilty towards myself and my parents. but i pray to Allah SWT everyday so that i can get that course. huhu....i'm sorry, babah and mama. huhu.

anyways, after that interview, i rushed to TTDI Jaya for a show. and on Sunday, another show.

last Tuesday, by using my own money that i gained for shows that i attended before, i bought 8 games and a hard disk. at last!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

unfortunately, those 8 games could not be installed into my laptop. most of them could not be supported by my laptop. i tried so many times. it was useless. damn it. how i have wasted my money on those trashes! huurrrgggghhhh!!!!!! i am soooo wanna play those games! poor my little bro. he wanted battlefield but too bad, it can't be installed.

and those cds make my laptop to lag even though the local disks are free with lots of spaces. and my laptop's plug-ins also corrupted and i had to reinstall my web browser...and you know what? my google chrome lags even more.

my head hurts just thinking about it.

change of topic.

this Sunday, i have another show. at KL. you guys must be guessing what kind of show, right? haha...i'm not a singer neither an actress. but i play music. traditional music. under the title 'gamelan'. and i play bonang. i can even play the other instruments.

here's a list of entries that i'm going to make:
1. Things that i love
2. People i adore
3. Other me Part 2
4. Calamity of 2012
5. Myself in K-pop

the titles will not go according to numbers.

that's all for now. have a nice day. :)

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