Shout out/Memo


Wednesday, December 19, 2012


dear blog,

lately, i become more keen into having a drawing tablet. everyday since my holidays started, i browse through people's artworks on net and most of them are done by using drawing tablets. and i must say, the works are so fascinating.

i want to try to explore the world of digital arts. i want to be as good as those people. i want people to appreciate my work. but i'm saving money and waiting for my salary. i always pray to Allah SWT so that i can get that drawing tablet.

okay, just now, i found something new. my favourite guy, Zico, is a good singer. he is a badass rapper...and i never thought of him to have a stable vocal. he can sing....he can sing...he can sing...

he can even sing perfectly during live performance. i feel like crying...the song entitled 'Movie's Over' composed by himself is a good song. he even reveal his real singing for the first time. i feel like crying....huhu.

he's good in almost everything he does. i hope i can be like him one day. haha.

Zico is my role model, my enemy, my buddy and my crush. hehe. forever and ever-lah!

if you have time, let's spend some of it to listen to my forever Zico's singing. it may not sound professional but he CAN here.

"i will always root for you, Zico"

p/s: damn it. two days more to go before interview. nothing is prepared. need to get this lazy bum to start practice!