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Friday, December 28, 2012

Things that I love : Part 1

dear blog,

right now, i'm listening to Tank's "Emergency".

random picture. sorry.

for this entry, i want to write about the things that i love. my own belongings. i even named them. haha.

1. Ken
- Ken is my laptop. he is my first ever laptop that my dad bought, 100% for me. finally. Ken has been with me since last May 2012. he is my best buddy. he lets me play games, do my work, do my hobbies on him. even though he does not have bluetooth, the place for sd card and only have two usb ports, i will still treasure him until he dies. O.O

2. CSL
- CSL was my second cellphone that i really, really used it to the fullest. 'Was' is it because i already have a new cellphone since last May. i didn't ask for it but my dad tend to buy it anyway. but i still use my CSL's camera and MP3 player. never ever wanna throw it away.

3. MP3
- Mp3 is my mp3 player. i had three different kinds of mp3 players before but two of them died because of water while the other one died because i charged it too damn long. but Mp3 is given by my big bro in 2010 and still, i'm using it. but nowadays, the battery seems getting to break.

4. Sam
- Sam is my latest cellphone. touch screen, android and etc that a smartphone offers. haha. Sam makes me happy when i'm bored by letting me play games and surf the net. :)

5. M
- M is my latest member. he is a hard disk. just bought it last Tuesday. he's still shy but i have already put some files into him. he said he will do his best to keep my files. and when i have my money later, i will buy him a shield so he won't break when he fall down. :)

6. The P's
- The P's is a gang of pendrives. i have two 2gb pendrives and two 16gb pendrives. plus a bluetooth adapter and a card reader. haha...i put them in a small bag.

that's all. i'm waiting to buy a new member. a drawing tablet and headphones. still thinking for their names. :)

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