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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


dear blog,

in 2013....

i want to improve my manga skill to the fullest

i want to learn how to draw realistic human figure

i want to learn new things

i want to explore more in using editing softwares such as photoshop, illustrator, SAI, corel painter, etc

i want to diet

i want to master in digital artwork

i want to be a person that anyone can accept

i want to learn how to be calm during emergency time

i want to master in wearing pashmina with all kinds of styles

i want to make new friends

i want to fill my every hour with anything that brings benefit

i want to master in English and Korean or even Japanese

i want to master in creative writing

i want to remember things well

i want to avoid being clumsy

i want to avoid procrastination

i want quality in anything that i do

i want to be more disciplined

i want to think more before i do something 

i want to be positive

i want to gain more confident  

Block B's faces when they read my 2013 resolutions

 that's all. if there's more, i'll add later. :)

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