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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


dear blog,

hoho. today i had an artblock. i just didn't know what to draw.

so, an idea came. and i opened SAI and adobe photoshop to start editing.

it's a fanfiction. the kpop idols that i use are Kai from Exo-K and Roy Kim (he's a solo, not an idol).  and the main heroine is my own OC. her name is Aimon. a Caucasian girl.

kpop fans will understand but not to anti-kpop.

okay, the whole story is based in Korea. about Aimon who is desperate to find money for her living expenses and school since she lives alone. so she goes for an audition at SM Entertainment. she doesn't have any talent. after begging in front of SM, she is accepted to be a trainee. but she trains for only a week and is debuted with four other male idols into a group. and it becomes a co-ed group with her alone being the only girl. 

it's a group for certain promotions but unexpectedly, the group gains so much attention and SM decides to make the group a permanent one. so, while promoting their songs, Aimon tries so hard to train in singing and dancing. but the girls hate her.

meanwhile, her junior, Kai starts to watch her from far and has a crush on her. he helps her during bad times. everything goes well until Roy Kim, the winner of Superstar K4, meets Aimon at a broadcast. and he fells in love with her. there, two guys is fighting over a girl. who wins? be continued. hoho.

 front cover

first page

my work on the above is inspired by a scrapbook. i like something that is homemade, doodling and scrapbook something like that. and i take that theme. there. i will make it like a scrapbook, and write anything related to this story. and the pictures i edited them as if i use a polaroid camera. haha.

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