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Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's time! XD

dear blog,

yesterday, i got my salary. Alhamdulillah~ :D

 oh, yeah! Let's party!!!

and finally, i can actually buy a drawing tablet that i have been craving for, for 5 years. since i was 17 and now i'll be 21. i know i'm outdated but this thing is the thing i believe can take to the next level. if i try hard. haha. :D

i bought it at Plaza Alam Sentral and inside it, there's only a store which sells this thing and i have no choice. i want genius but i got wacom. but, not bad. wacom is okay too. :)

later, i bought headphones and my M's bag. M....he's my hard disk. hehe.

then, i decided to treat my family with good meal so i bought two Ayamas chickens and a set of Big Apple doughnuts. then we ate together at home for lunch.

but i'm having a drastic PMS since this morning and it loses my appetite. and i want to rest tonight because tomorrow my family and i will "balik kampung". haha. then after that, i can finally start to practice with my lovely new family member, drawing tablet.

right now, i want to think of a name for it. bye.

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