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Monday, February 18, 2013


dear blog,

haha....what a lame title, am i right? actually i didn't know what to put since this entry is going to be a random post so i don't wanna use the title "random post" or "quick post". so i just randomly put "enter". haha. silly me.


it's been like a week and a half that i didn't post anything here. the truth is, last week's Saturday (9/2/13), i went to Jelutong for a gamelan show at people's wedding. then, right after that, my family and i went to Klang to visit embah, my grandmother of my mom's side.

and we slept there. the next day, Sunday, in the evening, we went home because my little sis had tuition at night. before that, before letting my parents to know, we had a plan. a surprise party for them since on Monday (11/2/13), was their 26th anniversary.

my siblings and i decided to buy Dominos Pizza using our own money. and we tend to do the party at 10pm right after my little sis came back from her tuition. i asked my big sis to buy the pizzas.

unfortunately, i had menstruation cramp that night. my tummy cramped for like...three times.

but i stood for it to celebrate the anniversary.

everyone had fun and both my parents thanked us for the party. at last, the surprise party was done perfectly.

and yeah, when everyone wanted to watch the tv after eating the pizzas, the cramp attacked my tummy back and i had to lie down.

the next day, in the morning, my family and i went to Negeri Sembilan to visit my grandmother of my dad's side. and we went home in the evening as my little sis had another tuition at 6pm.

and day onwards, i didn't do anything much because of the cramp.

good news, B.A.P had released new single entitled "One Shot" on 12/2/13. it was a daebak music video and the song did not fail to make me fangirling them. they were back with their original concept. :) and please, i hope they will win at any music programs. huu...

last Saturday, while cooking lunch, my big sis suddenly talked about Jajangmyun/Cha-Jangmyun/Ja-jangmyeon which meant Korean Black Bean Noodles. i had been craving that food for such a long time. and both my big sis and little sis wanted to make it. and they were like...serious about it.

and perhaps this Saturday, we're going to make Jajangmyun. i hope it works. and worth it. haha.

i'm fasting now. this picture makes me drool~

and last week, i searched for my course outline. and i found what imma going to learn for my first semester in degree.

click to enlarge

i think the subject 'Introduction to Art & Design' is a subject that i've learned during my diploma. and there's third language! i wanna learn Korean. or maybe Japanese. but since i'm too into Korean now so i think i choose Korean.

i know Korean a little. just the basic. by watching too many variety shows, dramas, and listening to their songs. let me try writing the basic that i know by NOT googling it.

1. palli juseyo! (please be quick/ faster, please!)
2. yeoja chingu dwejule? / namja chingu dwejule? (would you be my girlfriend? / would you be my boyfriend?)
3. an chunya? (aren't you cold?)
 and etc...haha

i hope i would get the chance to register the language.

last Friday, i went to Shah Alam to make new Mykad along with my big sis and my mom.

btw, after a while, i finally drew something. is it about The Blue Riding Hood, my own OC. and i always draw her as the main character in a story for children. like a children bedtime story.

anyways, last night, i dreamed of Hongbin from Vixx. i was hoping for Leo though but Hongbin is cute too. :) in the dream, i went to his house. i didn't know the location. and he had three sisters. and the house was incredibly huge and he had an art studio. weird? but that's all i could remember. haha.

hongbin is at the back

last week too, i stalked Vixx's official Youtube account and watched almost all the videos there. and i found an interesting video which made me more interested in getting to know him more. and his name is Ravi.

and he's actually a graffiti artist. he drew Rovix (his group's mascot) on a street wall all by himself. it was damn cool and professional. i didn't know that he's into art. i hope he shows more of his artworks.

this is the video that shows his graffiti skill


  1. I also had menstruation cramp last few weeks ago, really painful that my face became pale and my body feel cold.I try to sleep but cannot.At last I told my mom about it she was shocked because I never been like this before.My whole body shaking that time and I feel like fainting.Quickly my parents bring me to hospital and I had to stay for 3 hours coz lack of water..Now I always drinks a lot of water to prevent my mom for nagging me..hehehe

    I think I choose Japanese language for degree.. but I also like korean ^____^

    BTW what is OC?

    So sweet of you guys..plan a party for them *o*

  2. oh really? i hope u're ok now. :) that's too bad.

    OC is original character. ^.^

    tq. hehe. they liked it so much.