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Friday, February 8, 2013

Lololo Lalala

dear blog,

here is a quick post.

finally, i cancelled about renting the house nearby my campus and decided to stay at the hostel. i thought about how much money i would spend for my first year in degree. and it probably will reach for about RM1500+

and since i'm waiting for JPA of KPM application dates to be opened and yeah i have to spend less for that.

i hope i can survive.

btw, recently, i am addicted to Vixx and especially Leo. i watched too many videos of him and i even followed his twitter. he's a simple guy. he didn't even beautify his twitter account.

and i was surprised to know that he could speak fluent English. before debut, in a variety show where there's an artist was invited to teach Vixx on how important it was to know English to communicate with international fans. there were two trainees that could speak well since they came from the States.

and the others kept quiet. even Leo kept in silence. so i thought how pity it is that he can't speak English.

but i came across this video about their performance in LA for Kcon 2012. after presenting a song, they lined up in a row and began to introduce themselves one by one.

when it was his turn, he said, "what's up?! i'm the main vocal Leo. if it weren't from you guys, we wouldn't be here."

man......he could speak English! all this time he's humble.

and i watched an episode of Vixx TV about Leo's birthday. it featured the members' notes toward him. some of them talked about how Leo always be there for them. even though he's hard to be approached, the members knew him well. even the youngest whom was afraid of his cold and chic personality, finally found him liking Leo.

and Leo loves coffee. i don't like coffee. i like tea. then i must like coffee. haha

and he also likes animals. i don't like animals. just a little. then after this, i have to feed the stray cats.

and he adores kids. man....i love this guy.

anyways, i'm still wondering why anti-fans of kpop are mostly from Malaysia? i could get a headache when they speak about how bad it is to like kpop.

kpop is some kind of music. music is universal. and if we can't communicate with words, we can do so with music. music brings people together.

i had been bashed by my friends who don't like kpop. they kept on bashing me. but when we're in the studio, they turned up their music out loud. so loud. English and Malay or even Hindustan.

when a friend of mine turned up a Korean song, the whole studio scolded that friend. until they closed their ears and forced the friend to turn it off. and they turned up the volume of their songs.

i saw it and how i hated them.

for me, when i started to live in dorm life, i listened to Korean and Japanese songs silently by using headphones. even in the studio. at least i respected the surroundings and them.

but they didn't respect us kpoppers.


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