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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Summary for these past weeks

dear blog,

yeah....almost three weeks of no update. well, still in culture shock so i don't have the will to update everyday. moreover, i just got myself a broadband during second week of degree.

anyways, i decided to make numbering for my post this time. too lazy to write like n essay. O.O

1. i'm staying at the hostel while my other Perak friends live in a rented house.

2. i got a room for two.

3. my hostel is about 10 minutes away from my campus.

4. it takes for almost 20-25 minutes to reach campus by bus.

5. my roommate brings along her turtles.

6. one of her turtle likes to come to my area. and i almost stepped on it.

7. i need to always online for group discussion on i-learn.

8. i don't eat proper meal since my first step here.

9. i'm busy since first week with practices for a gamelan contest next month.

10. my room is at 6th floor. there are 6 lifts to be used.

11. i love the convenient store at my hostel because it opens before 7am.

12. my staying for two times in Uitm Shah Alam before, really helps me with the roads.

13. the food here is 1x more expensive than at Perak.

14. i have to memorize which bus goes where.

15. there's only one free bus in the morning that goes directly to my campus. and it pisses me off.

16. sometimes, in a week, i've got to ride the taxi during emergency times.

17. money is everything in here.

18. the students' fashion here are so....KL-like.

19. the rules for outfits here are not as strict as other campuses.

20. even though my house is 20 minutes away, everyone thinks i go home everyday.

21. they even think that my mom sends me food everynight.

22. i do go home every weekends for the time being to save money.

23. it's very tiring to exchange buses from my hostel to my campus.

24. i spend RM4 a day just for the bus fees.

25. i can easily sweat now since it's almost summer.

26. they call it 'kupon' instead of 'stiker' here.

27. the students here are more independent and have the quality to be leaders.

28. my new classmates are all so clever.

29. after doing the 'pengecualian kredit', i only have 5 subjects for this semester.

30. for my batch, there are two classes. five boys and 24 girls.

31. the drinks here is more expensive.

32. sometimes i am blur for certain things and i ask a lot to understand.

33. hang out with new classmates sometimes are better.

34. lecturers encourage their students to ask many questions.

35. but it's different between classmates. they dislike it.

36. for me, i will try to help them to understand. seriously.

37. i seldom talk to my roommate because i spend a lot of my time outside of the room.

38. i met with my gamelan friends at my faculty.

39. there are so many grouping assignments.

40. my mandarin lecturer gives more assignment than other subjects.

41. i can't believe myself that i manage to finish 60 pages of texture in a two days.

42. i have spent my book voucher for RM150. i only have RM100 left.

43. since entering degree, i'm beginning to stuff myself with anime and manga everyday. i'm back to be an otaku.

44. at my department, certificates are given to those who score high based on subjects. not based on deans list.

45. for the first time in my life, i'm afraid to get deans list for degree even though i got ANC for diploma.

46. i don't touch my drawing tablet for almost a month.

i think i'll stop here. i can't recall more.

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