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Love Between Cheesecake

it's the title of my current in-process novel. i started to write it on January of 2009 but i stopped for about 6 months to focus on my SPM. i miss my novel. really2 wanna write it back and i'm doing it right after my last paper. i think the story is gonna be long.

wanna know the synopsis?

okay, it's about a 27 year-old miss who marries a succesfull manager of a share company who is 4 years younger than the old miss. she is Maimi Kazui and Tezuka Fujimoto is the guy. Tezuka is still single until his grandmother arranges a blind date for 50 girls out there. the main menu for the blind date is cheesecake!

Tezuka predicts that not many girls like cheesecake but Maimi does. at first, Tezuka is not interested in her during the blind date but right after the old miss eats the cheesecake, he focuses on her. Maimi is selected out of 10 other contestants and she gets to be Tezuka's wife officially.

Maimi is a unique girl. she never let go off her ponytails even though when she's sleeping. she is a poor girl, living with her mother in a low-price house. every month, her stepfather will come in drunk and ask for money. he will hit her and her mother if they refuse.

meanwhile, Tezuka comes from a very, very, very rich family. he cares for perfectness and he can cook Italian very well. but he does not live with his family because he tends to live by himself at an expensive apartment in Shibuya. Maimi is the first female to enter the house.

Maimi is good in maths and she helps with the paperworks handled by Tezuka. she is likeable by every client. plus, she increases the income of the company. but there're rivals. Ayaka is Tezuka's assistant while Andrew is Tezuka's childhood friend who invests into the company. Ayaka likes her boss and is trying to let the couple breaks. the same goes to Andrew who falls in love with Maimi.

since then, they face many ups and downs of their newly-weds life. between the circumstances, cheesecake brings them happiness and joy so that's why it's "Love between cheesecake"...